The ignition-system is often the source of many problems. After years of use, the mechanical distributor becomes worn and increasingly inaccurate (some of these distributors are over 60 years old!).   Although replacement of the standard points with an optical eye or magnetic ignition set-up is an improvement, it does not compensate for the wear in the advance-mechanism, the distributor shaft and bearings within the distributor itself.

In a 123ignition, all moving parts – like the original points, the centrifugal weights, the springs & the bearings – have been replaced with just one moving part: the central shaft with the rotor. The internal electronics provide the right advance and the optimum dwell-angle throughout the rev. range to maintain peak energy and peak performance. There is no wear altering the timing of the 123ignition: once set, you’ll never have to worry about it again!

The 123 Ignition systems come with 16 pre-set advance curves that can be easily and quickly changed by the twist of a screw.  This means that you can alter the setting to suit your engine and driving style.

This brilliant system is built into an original T Type distributor body/housing, keeping the correct original appearance but it contains high-tech electronics on the inside. The internal technology makes your ignition system and engine perform better than ever before, and run more smoothly and reliably.

The distributor is supplied with a drive gear, new cap and period style bumble bee copper core ignition lead set.

Please note:  This item is on an exchange bases.  Will require your original distributor in exchange.

We are happy to carry out the modification to your own distributor if you prefer.  Please allow up to 21 days from receipt of you distributor for us to carry out the modification.  Price will be the same.

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004 - 123 Electronic Ignition

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