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Finned aluminium performance brake drums.


These beautifully made drums are produced to the highest standards with particular detailing to match the appearance of the original Alfin aluminium brake drums.


The drums are produced to current engineering standards and method of practice conforming to ISO 9000, FMEA and AQP.  Or to put more simply – to the current highest standards to give you the assurance of quality and safety.


The casting process gives a very high level of surface contact, promoting maximum heat transfer to the outer cooling fins.  This in turn massively reduces the brake fade common in performance driving or long distance touring.


These ‘Alfin’ type aluminium brake drums have circumferential fins that give strength and bulk to the drum that dissipates heat better and avoids the distortion that can occur with radial finned drums. (Fins that go across the drum as opposed to around the drum).

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Aluminium brake drum

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