• Brake shoe with improved lining.  TA, TB & TC

Our brake shoes are unique to us and we are very proud of the performance increase that they give.

Each shoe is fitted with Mintex 'Halo' bake brake lining.  Bonded and riveted for extra safety.

These shoes were developed to cope with the increased speeds and heavy braking required for continental touring and classic endurance events whilst not losing the feel at slower ‘around town’ speeds. 

They give excellent firm braking at slower speeds, far better than the original woven materials and the alternative shoes offered by other suppliers on the current market.  They also improve the heavy braking ability and have a higher friction control rating at high temperatures i.e. when braking constantly down mountain passes or from high speeds such as on dual carriage ways or motorways.


With the speeds on our roads today and keeping up with modern traffic, these shoes are a must for the T Type owner.


Please note these shoes are sold separately and are on an exchange bases.  We require your old shoes for reconditioning.

A small surcharge will have to be charged if we do not receive you shoes in exchange.

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Brake shoe with improved lining. TA, TB & TC

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