1 - XPAG Engine Standard

1 - XPAG Engine Standard

XPAG Engine Rebuild Specialists

Standard Road Spec XPAG Engine Rebuilds - MG Car Specialists


It is our belief that you will not be able to get a better XPAG engine rebuild anywhere else.

We have building, tuning and racing the XPAG engine unit for over 30 years and as such have built up a strong knowledge of the engine.  From this experience we are able to provide the best possible rebuild to suit your requirements.


We carry out all aspects of the build to a high standard, only using the highest quality parts, many of which are produced by us to ensure quality and fit.

The machining that is carried out is to our tolerances and specific requirements to guarantee the correct running of the engine and gain increased reliability.


The engines are all test run on our bespoke test rig. This enables us to run the engine in a controlled environment to ensure all aspects of the build have been successful and to run up to usual temperatures and pressures to check for any flaws or faults within the components.  This give you the customer peace of mind, knowing that when you fit your engine into your MG on that sunny Saturday afternoon, you are not going to be surprised by any unforeseen problems.


What we call our standard engine still incorporates our own camshaft, rear oil seal conversion, ported cylinder head, converted to run on lead-free fuel, balanced components including the crankshaft, flywheel, clutch, con-rods and pistons.

Do not be confused in thinking this is ‘racing spec’ it is not.  These item are what usual engine builders leave out purely to save costs but at the detriment to the smooth running of the XPAG unit.


The engines are rebuilt using all new parts where required and fully reconditioned items.

All parts are thoroughly cleaned and inspected.

The engine is painted and detailed along the build to give a gorgeous looking engine when handed over.


Another item unique to us is our rebuild booklet.  All engines get one.  It is a detailed booklet including pictures of the engine and work carried out along its rebuild. It also includes details of specific faults found along the way and how they have been rectified.  The specification of the engine is outlined along with the specific requirements for tuning and set up once in the car.

This is usually a 15 page document and a super addition to your cars portfolio.


A standard engine is currently costing £4950.00 plus VAT.

Please inquire for further details.

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